Mar 15th: After School Special popup show from 5-10PM in the school bus by Threadbare Cider in Pittsburgh during the NCECA conference.

Mar 31st: Pending application for White Rock Market from 8 AM-1PM.

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Functional Pottery Studio

Thank you for stopping by Alazan Ceramics, the studio of Amy Henson. I am currently working in slab-built, textured, and sculpted white earthenware with underglaze decorations and occasionally decals and/or luster fired in an electric kiln to cone 04. The studio is located about 40 miles east of Dallas, in Royse City. All professional photography is taken by Harrison Evans and S.K. Plagens.

Yipping Coyote Tumbler, electric fired cone 04, 2017

About Me

I graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BFA in studio art, concentration ceramics, in 2007. I took one throwing class as a sophomore, which fueled a passion that has been humming along ever since. I studied under Peter Beasecker, with additional tutelage from various adjunct professors and visiting artists, including Matthew Metz, Julia Galloway, Beth Cavener-Stichter, Jeff Oestreich, Linda Sikora, Louise Rosenfield, etc. I share living space with my husband Aaron, young daughter Rosalie, and our two erstwhile stray cats Melvin and Mau. I proudly own and show Peruvian Paso horses, of which I own 2. My geldings are sons of my first horse Azucena, and due to her chestnut color (the word in Spanish is "alazan") she became the namesake for my studio. I also enjoy a good beer, delicious food, and creative impulses in general.

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